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Join us for the 2013 Summer Season!

Our season of operation is mid-May through October 1. The exact dates you are available for employment are very important. Be specific when filling out the application or you may be passed over. If you are available immediately and/or can remain employed indefinitely, indicate this in the space provided for employment dates on the application. The employment dates agreed upon become part of a signed agreement if you are hired. An employee who breaks the agreement is not eligible for rehire or bonus.

Pay days are every other week on Wednesday afternoons.

Pay rates are as established when a job offer is made. Base work week is 40 hours over a six day work week, with overtime paid after 40 hours at the rate of 1 1/2 times the base pay. All employees will be expected to work the shifts that are assigned to them any changes will have to have supervisor approval prior to the change.

Lost Creek Ranch & Spa awards bonuses to those who complete their Employment Agreements.

Employee housing at Lost Creek Ranch is modest. Most employees will have one or two roommates. There is no housing for married couples. Additionally, no pets are allowed on the ranch.

There aren’t any spaces for RV’s or trailers.

Housing is provided as a condition of employment.

Meals are served in the Employee Dining Room. The meal schedule is as follows:
Breakfast 7:00 - 7:30 am
Lunch 12:00 - 12:30 pm
Dinner 5:30 - 6:00 pm
There will be days when this schedule will be changed slightly. Meals are provided as a condition of employment.

Washers and dryers are provided at no charge. These machines are in the commercial laundry room, therefore, the times of use are posted in accordance with the housekeeping schedule. Usually they are available in the evening.

Employees need to arrange their own transportation to and from Lost Creek Ranch. While employed at the ranch no transportation is provided into town or the surrounding area.

Male employees are expected to present a clean appearance at all times. A neat haircut is a must. We prefer our staff to have a clean shaven appearance, however, neatly trimmed and maintained beards and mustaches are acceptable upon approval of the Manager. Unapproved facial hair must be shaved prior to the first work shift after notification. It is understood that if you did not arrive with a beard or mustache, you will not start growing one during the summer.

Female employees are expected to present a clean appearance at all times. Employees with long hair must keep it restrained while on duty so that it does not fall forward. Skirts must be at least knee-length. Makeup, perfume and jewelry worn on duty must be conservative.

All employees must comply with State health regulations and meet the professional standards that our guests have come to expect at Lost Creek Ranch & Spa. We insist all employees maintain a clean and neatly groomed appearance on the job and off the job while in public areas. Those arriving with extreme hair color or style and body piercing will be asked to make modifications. The dress at Lost Creek Ranch is western; please come prepared to dress in that style.

Lost Creek Ranch will provide uniforms to some positions but not all. Kitchen staff will receive pants, shirts and aprons. The ranch will provide each employee with at least one denim work shirt. Other clothing components may be provided. Jeans, boots and a western shirt are a must. Balloon and lycra/stirrup pants are not acceptable.

Recreation opportunities abound in the Yellowstone ecosystem. The National Park Service and Forest Service will have an orientation meeting at the beginning of the season to acquaint our staff with safety and laws within the Park and Forest. Also, the Teton County Sheriff’s Office will have an orientation meeting acquainting the staff with laws of the area. This meeting will also serve to strengthen the ranch’s support of the Sheriff’s Office and their law enforcement goals.

If chosen, you will receive additional information in the mail. The ranch will notify applicants of employment over the phone. Please submit a telephone number at which a message can be left.

To increase your chances of being hired:
• Show the exact dates you are available, and
• Be realistic about your job choices.

You should count on working in the job for which you are hired for the duration of your season. Changing positions disrupts the flow of the ranch once the season is underway. The only exception to this is that you may be asked by management to assist in other departments as needed.

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